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15 Best Bikini Trimmers and Razors of 2021 from Dermatologists

If I’m being real, I don’t even remember why I used to get a monthly wax. Seriously, maintaining your bikini line at home (if that’s your ~thing~) is actually really, really easy, thanks to the fact that today’s bikini trimmers and razors are (A) effective as hell and (B) so simple to use. Even though they aren’t the best at-home method for removing every trace of your body hair (hi, lemme introduce you to my good friend laser hair removal), they’re a genius way to get smoother skin and shorter pubic hair in a few mins max. And, in case you’re like me and you get ingrown hairs at the drop of a hat, having the right tools is an absolute game-changer if you want to avoid those infuriating lil red bumps.

Even though bikini trimmers are pretty intuitive (and usually way better at preventing ingrown hairs than traditional razors), it’s still important to go into the process with a few tips and tricks for avoiding irritation. That’s why I called up dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor at Yale School of Medicine, to run through the basics before you get started. Expert tips FTW!!

How to trim or shave your bikini line safely

1. Work in one direction

The easiest way to prevent bumps and ingrown hair when trimming or shaving your bikini line? Make sure you’re shaving with the grain (i.e., the direction your hair grows). Think about it: When you shave, you’re basically pulling your hair from the follicle, says Dr. Gohara, and shaving against the grain (or switching up your direction with each stroke) is basically a recipe for irritation. “Take it slow and don’t rush,” she says.

2. Prep your skin

Dr. Gohara says lathering up your skin with a hydrating shaving cream is a tried-and-true method for avoiding irritation and bumps. An oil works too, and some people swear by it. Just make sure that you consider how your ~intimate areas~ are sensitive, so think before introducing any products with scents or harsh ingredients. And while we’re on the subject of prep work: You’ll definitely want to exfoliate your skin prior to trimming or shaving—it’ll help you get a cleaner, smoother shave—but Dr. Gohara says you’ll want to do so a couple days before shaving. Using a chemical or physical exfoliant immediately before or after trimming is a shortcut to irritation (especially if you’ve got sensitive skin).

3. Invest in after-care

As soon as you’re done trimming, Dr. Gohara suggests following up with a generous layer of moisturizer to keep your skin soft and bump-free (she’s a fan of Frederick Benjamin Bump Clear, but any barrier-repairing cream will also work here). P.S. It’s never a bad idea to slap on an ingrown-fighting solution (like Oui the People PHA Ingrown Relief Toner) while maintaining your bikini line in-between shaves—just dab one on every few days post cleansing.

4. Replace your tools regularly

Hot tip: Shaving or trimming with a dull blade is not ideal and can often lead to irritation or infections. I get it—it’s soooo easy to forget how long you’ve been using that particular blade or trimmer. The easiest solution? Make sure you’re replacing your blades regularly for a more painless experience (think: every few weeks depending on how frequently you shave) and even put a reminder on your calendar if you forget. Also, never share your tools—even if your roommate asks nicely.

Alright, now let’s get to what you really came here for. Keep scrolling for the 15 best bikini trimmers and razors worth shopping rn.


Best Heavy-Duty

The Trimmer by Meridian

This electric “below-the-belt” trimmer went viral on TikTok for eliminating ingrowns—so even though it’s marketed specifically for men, you should absolutely ignore that and try it out anyways. It’s waterproof and safe for the shower, and it’s got two trim-guards for a safer shave if you don’t mind a longer length and (ahem) your aim isn’t as precise as you want it to be.


Best for Quick Results

Blue Mercury Fur Trimmer

This trimmer features three blades and four trimmer lengths designed “with all bodies in mind.” You can use it in or out of the shower, with or without shaving cream, and with three potential guide lengths (short, medium, and long). It’s designed so that you can get allll that hair in one smooth forward motion.


Best Attachments

Philips Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Series 3000

I mean, 84,000+ reviewers can’t be wrong, right?? This is another trimmer marketed for men that isn’t only for that gender. Plus: 13(!!) attachments that’ll basically let you trim wherever you have hair, from the nose and ears on down. There are seven hair guards and three trimmers for impressive precision—which, you know, is ideal for hard-to-reach and bumpy places—and it’s all detachable and washable.  


Best With LED Light

Brori Electric Razor for Women

IMHO, the hardest part of trimming my bikini line is being able to see WTF I’m even doing. That’s why I love this genius little trimmer so much—it’s got a bright LED light to help you reach those fine, itty-bitty hairs even if your shower lighting sucks.


Best for Sensitive Skin

Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women ES246AC

PSA: This bikini trimmer is even gentle enough for sensitive skin types, thanks to its hypoallergenic stainless-steel blade and adjustable head that lets you get a clean, close, painless shave. Another plus? It’s got a cordless design and super-lightweight body, so no need to worry about making tons of space for it in your bathroom.


Best Epilator

Braun Silk-épil 3 Epilator

Even though epilators—which pluck even the finest of hairs right from the root—are a bit too harsh for pubic hair, this bb comes with a super-convenient trimmer head that’s easy to swap in. Use the epilator for areas like your legs and arms, then whip out the trimmer (it leaves your skin silky and smooth) when you’re ready for it.


Best Electric

Philips Bikini Perfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer

New to the bikini-trimming game? This electric trimmer from Philips comes with everything you’ll need to become a convert. You can use it on wet or dry skin, it’s got six attachments for ultra-precise hair removal, and it’s gentle enough that it won’t leave your intimate areas with bumps or ingrowns


Best Manual Razor

Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer for Pubic Hair and Skin

I get it: Sometimes you don’t want to go through the effort of trimming your bikini line, which is where this gentle razor from Gillette Venus comes in handy. The blades are specifically designed to prevent irritation and the small size makes it easy to reach tight areas. The result? A smooth, clean bikini line with zero bumps or nicks.


Best Multi-Use

Conair All-In-One Precision Trimmer

TBH, there’s not a whole lot this bikini trimmer can’t do, thanks to the fact that it comes with five attachments (you get everything from a multi-use trimmer to a rotary shaver) and is safe to use on wet skin in the shower or dry skin in the bathroom. You’ve got tons of flexibility with this one.


Smallest and Sleekest

Gillette Venus Bikini Precision Women’s Trimmer

Don’t feel like making room for a bulky bikini trimmer or razor in your shower? NP, this super-sleek option is just as effective (it comes with two attachments, an angled head for contours, and a precision trimmer for fine hairs) but way more manageable—it’s even tiny enough to bring on the go.


Best Trimmer + Exfoliator

Remington Smooth & Silky 5-Piece Body and Bikini Groomer Kit

The attachments are definitely the coolest thing about this bikini trimmer—you get four heads, including a rotating exfoliator that helps keep your skin soft and smooth in-between trimming and shaving. Also, it’s pink. Enough said.


Best Trimmer + Razor

Schick Hydro Silk 5 TrimStyle Women’s Razor

Want to trim your bikini line but also shave your legs (or stomach, arms, whatever)? This multitasker makes things super easy for you, thanks to the five-blade razor and waterproof trimmer on either end. Makes sense why it has over 11K glowing reviews on Target.


Best for Touch-Ups

Cleancut T-Shape Personal Shaver

The bikini trimmer is an excellent option for quick touch-ups—the blade is able to grab the finest of fine hairs in one pass. Just make sure your skin is totally dry, and smooth on a little baby powder before you start trimming.


Best Body Trimmer

Panasonic Close Curves 3-Blade Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Fine, this is technically an electric body shaver (it’s really great for removing hair on your legs and underarms), but it also comes with a handy lil pop-up trimmer that works wonders on your bikini line. And thanks to the hypoallergenic blades, it’s a nice option for sensitive skin types.


Best Disposable

Venus Sensitive 3-Blade Women’s Disposable Razors

If you’ve just now decided you’d actually prefer a razor vs. a bikini trimmer, you can’t go wrong with these gentle disposable razors from Venus. Just make sure you load up on shaving cream and body lotion to prevent any ingrowns.

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