16 Brooches That’ll Change Your Mind About the Timeless Accessory

Whether they’re plucked from the family archives, sourced at a local flea market or reimagined for 2022 by your favorite brand, brooches have re-entered the sartorial chat — an easy way to make a bold statement. 

I admit, for most of my life, the only time I had ever noticed a brooch was when my paternal grandmother would take me out to club lunches with her girlfriends, the ornate accessory never exempt from their outfits. To 10-year-old me, it became synonymous with pretentious older women (i.e., the Queen herself). As I got older and started to play with my maternal grandmother’s collection of vintage costume pieces, I realized the range brooches truly had. Then came a series of strong convincers: Lady Gaga’s massive Schiaparelli dove at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, Austin Butler’s minimalist brooch at the premiere of “Elvis,” Carrie Bradshaw sporting a floral pin. 

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