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Feed filter bar: Facebook gives users more control over their news feed

Facebook has introduced a set of new features that will make users choose how the content appear in their news feed. The feature, called News Feed Filter Bar, essentially lets you see posts chronologically.

Instead of relying solely on Facebook’s algorithm to see what they see, users will be able to switch between the regular news feed,  the most recent posts and a news feed that shows posts from your “favorite.” It’s basically a reverse-chronological feed.

The social media giant already allows users to view their feed ranked by most recent posts, but those options are buried in a settings menu. The basic idea, with the Feed Filter Bar, is to simply how the content being shared with you by your friend and pages you follow.

“This new tool is the latest example of how we’re helping you control and curate your News Feed to best reflect who you are as your interests and priorities evolve,” Facebook product manager Ramya Sethuraman wrote in a blog post. “We also want to continue to help you understand why you see the content you do on News Feed.”

The feature is currently rolling out to Android users, and it will become available to iOS users “in the coming weeks,” Facebook said. It’s not clear when the feature will be available on the web version of Facebook.

The launch of the Feed Filter Bar is in addition to a Favourites feature that was introduced last October. Favorites allow you to select up to 30 friends and pages whose posts appear higher in the ranked News Feed and can be viewed separately in the new Feed Filter Bar.

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