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Fragrance industry veteran Sue Phillips has launched a book, titled “The Power of Perfume: How to Choose It, Wear It and Enjoy It!”

The book, which launched globally on Amazon, provides Phillips’ point of view on the category, informed by her time at Tiffany & Co., Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme and Burberry, among others. It was published by the Central Park South Publishing Co.

“I thought about writing a memoir, but realized it might not be appropriate since I’m not a celebrity,” she said. “I do love fragrance, and with the amount of questions that people have asked me over the years and the articles I’ve written, I thought to put all those things in a book.”

Each chapter ranges from the history of perfume, to the differences between eau de parfum and other juice concentrations, and which scents are appropriate for certain occasions. “A lot of people say to spray perfume in the air and walk through it,” she said. “It’s such a huge waste.”

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