The Pink Stuff Review – Glass Oven Door

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I’m not young (or cool) enough to be good at using TikTok. I’m not sure I “get” it, and I have a hard time finding videos that speak to me. So when I finally started getting cleaning videos in my feed, I was excited. And then I noticed something: I was being served a lot of videos featuring people using The Pink Stuff to clean random things. I was intrigued.

The Pink Stuff seemed to check a lot of boxes. For one, it’s pink! It’s also from a cool, British company. TikTokers (is that what they’re called?) seem to have a lot of uses for the paste. And upon further investigation, I learned that I could get in on Amazon — where it has more than 27,000 five-star reviews.

One viral video showed someone using The Pink Stuff to wipe pencil marks from a beat-up wooden door. Others show it being used on cookware, tile, stovetops, and more. The thing that had me most excited? The many, many videos of people cleaning the glass in their oven doors with it.

My oven door could definitely use some TLC. (That’s putting it gently, but I’m trying to be nicer to myself! I’m doing my best!) It had been, um, a while since I’d last cleaned it. My go-to method involves a Magic Eraser, and while I love how easy and effective this method is, these melamine sponges aren’t exactly inexpensive. I figured one tub of The Pink Stuff is less than $11 and would probably get me through more door-cleaning sessions (among other things) than if I spent the same amount on Magic Erasers.

My tub arrived quickly and I got to work that same day. I wet a rag and dunked it into the tub to dig out about a tablespoon of paste. My first impression: The paste looks almost exactly like the stuff the dentist uses to polish your teeth at the end of a visit. It’s not, though, obviously. The container says it’s non-toxic, which is nice.

Moving on. I used the rag to spread the stuff all around the glass. I’ve seen some people use tougher scouring pads and even Scrub Daddy sponges, but I wanted to see what this stuff could do when paired with a simple rag could do. A sort of basic control, if you will.

Turns out, a lot! The Magic Eraser requires very little elbow grease on my part, and The Pink Stuff requires even less. I just spread the stuff around, turned my damp rag inside out to wipe clean, and cleaned it all up. The grime lifted instantly. And the brown flecks that are usually left behind with the Magic Eraser method also lifted, for the most part. Next, I used a new, damp rag to wipe up any remaining solution. The glass got so sparkly clean, I could literally see my face in it. In fact, I couldn’t get a photo that didn’t prominently show my reflection. (Hence the cheese in the photo above!)

I have seen videos of people using The Pink Stuff to clean the rest of the oven (the inside and the metal on the door around the glass), and so that’s next on my list to try. I also plan on testing the paste on some old, discolored pans, the inside of my sink, my bathtub, the tile around my bathtub, and more. Will I love this stuff for those tasks as much as I love it for my oven glass? Stay tuned, as I’ll be sure to write about it! Oh, and I’ll still be using my Magic Erasers — I’ll just be saving them for other things!

Have you used The Pink Stuff? What’d you use it on and how’d it go? Tell us in the comments below.

Lisa Freedman

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Lisa Freedman is the Lifestyle Director at The Kitchn. She has never met a cheese or a washi tape she didn’t like. She lives in New York state with her husband and their pup, Millie.

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