How to Make Frozen Taquitos in an Air Fryer With Photos

What I love about taquitos is that when you’re craving Mexican food, they’ve got all your bases covered. The crunch of a taco shell and the cheesy filling of a burrito are all wrapped in a warm tortilla. Plus, the fun of finger food! Frozen taquitos make for a supereasy and quick meal. They reheat perfectly in the microwave, so they’re great for the batch-cookers out there, and the texture is incredibly forgiving. But I’ve found that I get the best texture — that is, the crunchiest, most golden-brown shell with the most perfectly cooked interior — when I cook mine in the air fryer.

I consulted several different cooking blogs to find the best way to cook frozen taquitos in your air fryer, and here’s what I found. Dinner will be ready in 10!

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