Sonu Sood comes to the rescue of people of Indore, sends oxygen cylinders amid rise in COVID-19 cases

Sonu Sood has lately been working for people – from helping migrants stuck during the lockdown last year to providing e-rickshaws to the unemployed, the actor has been garnering praise from fans across the country. During the lockdown last year, when thousands of workers and labourers were trapped away from their homes, at that time Sonu helped many people reach their homes. 

This year too, amid a sudden spike in COVID cases across the country, Sonu Sood continues to extend help to people. 

Recently, the actor shared a video replying to the people of Indore who were facing a shortage of oxygen cylinders owing to a rise in novel coronavirus cases. Soon after Sonu received the news that people in Indore were facing an acute oxygen cylinder shortage, he extended a helping hand. He also urged everyone to be cautious amid the rise in cases.

Take a look:

Meanwhile, Sonu Sood, the Messiah of the migrants who refuses to call himself so, has donned a new hat. Beginning Sunday, he is the brand ambassador of the Punjab government for its Covid vaccination programme.

The actor says he will make a good example out of Punjab which will inspire the entire nation.

Talking about the responsibility that he now has, Sonu tells IANS, “I feel really blessed, motivated. A huge amount of responsibility is on my shoulders that I have to spread the message across to everyone. People have to get vaccinated and we make sure that every family gets its share of vaccination. We should be an example for everyone that how fast people get vaccinated in Punjab. I am on it and we will make sure that the message reaches out to everyone and reaches fast. I always feel that when something like this happens, it has to start from Punjab.”

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh made the announcement of appointing Sonu Sood as brand ambassador for vaccination a day after meeting him, who called on him at his residence.

“There is no one more ideally suited to inspire and influence people to take the vaccine. There is a lot of hesitancy among people here in Punjab. Sonu`s popularity among them, and his exemplary role in helping tens of thousands of migrants reach safely home since the pandemic broke out last year, will help counter their reservations,” said the Chief Minister earlier on Sunday.”When people hear this Punjab ‘da puttar’ talk about the benefits of vaccines, and how safe and essential it is, they will believe him. Because they trust him,” Amarinder Singh said.

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