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Also shown in an explosive reunion preview for the Teen Mom OG reunion is Ryan Edwards’ dad, Larry, lunging at Maci Bookout’s husband Taylor. 

After months of fiery feuding and back-and-forths, concluding with this reunion fight, Larry revealed to The Sun that he and his wife Jen were fired from the MTV show.

In the promo, multiple scenes involving the families were shown, including Maci asking her and Ryan’s son Bentley, 12, if he was “nervous,” and he said he was because he hadn’t “talked to him in forever.”

The tween seemed to be referring to his estranged dad Ryan, who he then is seen hanging out with in the next clip, where the Teen Mom dad told him: “I feel like you’re being lied to, buddy.”

In the past, Ryan has said that he thinks Maci is putting thoughts and ideas into Bentley’s head, including the idea to go to therapy to work on their father-son relationship.

The final scene of the promo shows the reunion between Ryan’s parents and Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney, in which the women sat back as their husbands duked it out.

Sitting on couches across from one another, they yelled back and forth, with Taylor sitting forward and angrily pointing his finger at Larry and Jen, arguing: “Ryan has never been there for him, but y’all put it on Bentley!”

The accusatory words upset Ryan’s dad, causing him to push off the couch and lunge toward Taylor, yelling: “You know what!”

Ryan followed suit and jumped off the couch toward Larry, as well, but both wives held them back.

Jen and Maci grabbed their husband’s arms and tried to pull them back, to make them sit down again, with the Teen Mom trying to calm her husband, telling him: “Taylor, we’re not doing this.”

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