Jaya Prada recalls an awkward encounter with co-star and late actor Sridevi

Jaya Prada attended a reality TV show as a guest and was taken over by nostalgia as she remember her co-star Sridevi during the show. The two. Have worked together in films like Aakhree, Aulad and Rasta but according to the actor, the two did not share a bond while working. 

Jaya Prada Sridevi

Recalling how the two had perfect on-screen rapport, she said, “We never had eye contact with each other even after being perfect sisters on-screen.” She further clarified that it was never out of indifference or a grudge, the two just did not click off the screen. She further spoke of her time while shooting Maskat and said, “Jeetu Ji and Rajesh Khanna Ji locked both of us in one makeup room for an hour. I would also like to say that if somewhere she is listening to me I would just say that I wish we could talk to each other.” 

Jaya Prada Sridevi

She sighed at how the two did not have a personal bond but even today she misses the actor. 

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