Mumbai Police’s reply to R. Madhavan is winning the internet

Mumbai Police and BMC are taking strict actions ever since the drastic rise in COVID-19 cases in Mumbai. With a lockdown in place, rules regarding transport and essential services have been made stricter and one isn’t allowed to step out unless their vehicle has a colour coded permit. 

Mumbai Police Madhavan

Trying his luck, a Twitter user asked Mumbai Police which colour sticker he needed to go and meet his girlfriend. To this, Mumbai Police’s official handle replied, “We understand it’s essential for you sir but unfortunately it doesn’t fall under our essentials or emergency categories! Distance makes the heart grow fonder & currently, you healthier P.S. We wish you a lifetime together. This is just a phase.” 

To this, actor R. Madhavan responded with an applause and said, “Ha ha ha very well put and I am sure equally well received.” But the Mumbai Police wasn’t done yet. Known for their witty responses, here’s what they said to Madhavan, “We hope so too – it’s no ‘Rocketry’ after all.” 

Mumbai Police Madhavan

For those who don’t know, this was a reference to Madhavan’s upcoming film on the life of Nambi Narayanan. The actor is not only playing the lead role but has also directed and written the film. 

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