Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey Sizzled at the Without Remorse Premiere

The stylist landed on two custom Prada outfits for the couple. Starting with Jordan, Bolden opted for a sleek, modern suit in a delicious chocolate brown satin. “We knew we wanted to do a double-breasted suit,” says Bolden. When he started thinking about which label does that silhouette best, he instantly thought of Prada for it. “They do classic suits with a twist,” says Bolden. “I wanted to do something with color and not just a classic cotton wool suit.” He then accessorized the look with a discreet black bowtie and sleek Bulgari watch.

As for Harvey, Jordan wanted to amp things up a bit, while still complementing Jordan’s suit. “I wanted something that could sparkle—to be that confetti, disco vibe,” says Bolden. Their choice? A glittery gold Prada gown. “We took it back to those days when Hollywood would have these grand parties,” says Bolden. “Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll would have these great parties at home, and people showed up dressed to the nines.” As for accessories, he kept it simple, finishing it off with towering black platform sandals and subtle jewels from Justdesi. “I didn’t want to go too much with the jewelry. Her dress was a big piece of jewelry,” says Bolden.

Lori Harvey in PradaPhoto: Blair Caldwell/Courtesy of Jason Bolden

For Bolden, styling a big-name couple like Jordan and Harvey is always a fun challenge. “Styling duos is always interesting,” he says. “You have to figure out how to merge them as a couple, but still [allow them] to own their individuality.” The key to success, as evidenced by Friday’s looks, always is a similar color scheme. “One can wear a wild silhouette and the other something more sleek and easy, and it always merges perfectly,” says Bolden. “The beautiful thing is Michael and Lori just allowed me to create. The magic is in the trust!”

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