These Beautiful Macramé Cat Beds Look Like Home Decor!

I’m not surprised macramé is one of 2021’s home-decor trends. The intricate designs are so beautiful — just think of how pretty it looks as home decor or holding plants! But macramé products can hold more than just plants . . . they can also serve as cat beds that double as wall art! How useful (and adorable) is that?! Your cat gets to relax in a pet-friendly version of a hammock that looks incredibly comfortable (can you tell I’m jealous?), and you have a gorgeous new decoration. If you’re as excited as I am, check out more than 20 macramé cat beds you can order online for your feline friend. If the one you want is sold out on Etsy 一 they sell out fast! 一 you can contact the seller to see if they can make you another one.

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