Government committed to reassessing India flight ban; Sydney blanketed by smoke; Minister says hotel quarantine can only have two percent with virus; Over 50s can get coronavirus jab

West Australian President of the Australian Medical Association Dr Andrew Miller has slammed the state’s health authorities for a “lack of imagination and competence” in dealing with hotel quarantine.

“They cannot be trusted to keep the workers safe, the guests safe, or the public safe,” Dr Miller said.

He criticised the government for sending health workers to hotels without adequate PPE gear, describing masks as “substandard” and “dangerous”.

“We have 30 positive cases out of over 2,000 people in our hotels, and we can’t cope,” Dr Miller said.

The criticism comes after a potential virus leak in one of the state’s quarantine hotels resulting in a security guard testing positive to US strain of COVID-19 along with two of his housemates.

The variant was identical to a traveller who visited from the US and was transferred to the hotel on the same day when case 1001 was working.

Dr Miller called for all quarantine workers to be given better PPE including N95 masks and goggles and for positive cases to be transferred to “air gapped accommodation immediately”.

“Anyone who tells you that an N95 mask is too difficult to wear does not understand workplace safety, does not understand COVID, and should not be anywhere near running a quarantine system, let alone a quarantine system in hotels,” he said.

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