Harshvardhan Rane exchanges his bike for oxygen concentrators

In the face of a severe dearth of medical essentials, the country’s death rate due to COVID-19 is touching a new high every day. Social media is brimming with SOS messages seeking help for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines, etc. The celebrities who have the power to influence a large audience are doing their bit too. The most recent example of this is the actor, Hashrvardhan Rane, who decided to put up his mustard Royal Enfield for sale to buy oxygen concentrators.

The 37-year-old actor who has acted in films namely Paltan, Sanam Teri Kasam, Maaya is a bike aficionado and shared it on social media that after looking at his static bike parked in the garage, he thought of using it for a cause. Harshvardhan told Hindustan Times, “My upbringing, which was on my own after I ran away from my house, has usually been around solving a problem. I try to find a solution rather than focusing on how did it go wrong and who’s responsible. I somehow am never able to indulge in that or show any interest in that. Going by my wiring makes be part of a solution, and that’s what I have been thinking for the past few weeks.”

“I’d just look at it, parked like everything right now in my life looks like. I felt it could be used for something or someone. I don’t come from a background where I could just write huge cheques. As of now, at my stage, I only look at things like this. I feel horrible if something is kept next to me, and someone isn’t able to breathe. I was going through this for the past few weeks, and that made me think of letting this motorcycle become oxygen for somebody,” shares Rane.

The actor, like many influencers on Instagram, has been receiving messages for help and he is looking for the best price for the bike to procure a maximum number of concentrators.

“I never thought I’d spend so much time on direct messages. I’ve been flooded with them, people are coming forward and offering their best price. We’re trying to see how many concentrators we can get (in exchange for my bike), I’m coordinating that. Hopefully, in a day or two, we’ll find someone who’s able to give us the maximum,” he ends.

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