Kangana Ranaut reacts to tweet claiming Sonu Sood a ‘fraud’, details inside

Kangana Ranaut leaves no stone unturned in bashing or criticising people on her Twitter page. The actor is very much active on her social media pages and touches upon every topic happening in the world. Moreover, she even calls out people with whom her idea doesn’t match and even bashed Bollywood celebs for various topics like nepotism and more. On the other hand, people have been hailing Sonu Sood for his philanthropic work during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, one of the tweets called the actor a ‘fraud’ and Kangana happened to like the tweet as well. It so happened that one of the tweeters named Maithun posted a photo of a print ad of an oxygen concentrator in which Sonu features. However, it’s not confirmed if the actor endorses the brand. The netizen shared the ad and wrote, “Such a fraud using a crisis to make money. Oxygen concentrator ₹2 lakh.”

He further wrote, “@SonuSood you are cheating people whose loved ones are dying.. even 10 litres of Oxygen Concentrator doesn’t cost 1 lac and you are charging ₹2 lac for 5 ltr oxygen concentrator… How do you sleep at night doing so much fraud? BMC was right in saying you are a serial offender.”

Kangana liked the tweet and several people have mixed reactions to it. A few called Sonu out and slammed him for doing so, while others believe that the brand might be misusing Sonu’s photo by making him a brand ambassador.

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However, Sood is yet to react to the accusation. 

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