Liz Cheney warns Republican party at ‘turning point’ as critics plot her removal – live | US news

Hillary Clinton: ‘There has to be a global reckoning with disinformation’

Her bid for the White House was engulfed by a tidal wave of fabricated news and false conspiracy theories. Now Hillary Clinton is calling for a “global reckoning” with disinformation that includes reining in the power of big tech.

The traditional the-truth-is-somewhere-in-the-middle approach will no longer do, Clinton argues.
“They’ve got to rid themselves of both-sidesism,” she says. “It is not the same to say something critical of somebody on the other side of the aisle and to instigate an attack on the Capitol and to vote against certifying the election. Those are not comparable, and it goes back to the problem of the press actually coming to grips with how out of bounds and dangerous the new political philosophy on the right happens to be.” The press cannot be expected to restore a common baseline of truth on its own, however. “The technology platforms are so much more powerful than any organ of the so-called mainstream press, and I do think that there has to be not just an American reckoning but a global reckoning with the disinformation, with the monopolistic power and control, with the lack of accountability that the platforms currently enjoy,” Clinton said.

Cheney warns GOP is at ‘turning point’ as House members plot her ouster

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