Canelo vs Saunders – LIVE result: Latest fight updates, how to watch online and undercard results

Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders pose after their weigh-in

(Ed Mulholland/Matchroom)

Billy Joe Saunders battles Canelo Alvarez in Dallas tonight looking to unify the super-middleweight world titles and pull off one of the biggest shocks in British boxing history.

The Briton puts his WBO title on the line, while the Mexican superstar will defend the WBA and WBC titles at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, which is the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Saunders has not yet been at this level before, though he has stepped up to the big occasion in the past when travelling to Canada to outfox David Lemieux, while also keeping his cool when tempers flared against Chris Eubank Jr.

But Canelo presents an entirely different challenge, with the power to be respected at least, if not feared, as well as a more polished arsenal, having worked on his skills since being outclassed by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Can Saunders at least get Canelo to respect his power? That should be vital to the outcome of this one, given Canelo was able to take the punishment Gennadiy Golovkin dished out over 24 rounds. Tune in for all the live updates, round-by-round, undercard results as well as build-up and instant reaction from social media to the biggest fight of the year so far:

STEVE BUNCE’S BIG FIGHT PREVIEW: Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders meet in a fight a long time coming



Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 8: Takayama has had very little zip on his punches throughout the fight and Soto has been able to march through them as a result.

The same is the case in the eighth round, with Takayama throwing five-six-seven short shots on or around Soto’s gloves before being forced to eat two or three huge punches from the champion.

A real clash of styles here and it’s Soto who is clearly coming out on top.

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:37


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 7: Both fighters take a bit of a round off after an exhilarating sixth.

It looks to have helped Soto a little more as the power begins to wear down Takayama down, although he is certainly not losing his belief.

It was a bit of a get-your-breathe-back type three minutes, that.

Takayama raises his arms aloft as the bell goes. He is some character.

(Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.)

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:33


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 6: Takayama is loving this! He may be taking some serious shots but that doesn’t stop him producing some fancy footwork which gets the crowd momentarily on his side!

That flash of showmanship brings the fans to their feet as the roar wills both men on. But it’s Soto who feeds off it more as he marches down Takayama opens up with some fierce right hands and an uppercut to boot.

Then Takayama opens up and a shoot-out in the centre of the ring leaves Takayama all over the place! He looks to be out on his feet before the bell saves him yet again!

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:29


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 5: Takayama mocks Soto at the start of the fifth, dropping his hands and flicking his head around in a jovial manner.

Soto having none of it though as he goes straight back to landing power punches to both the body and head, drilling them in with interest.

Takayama still standing fairly square and trying to break the guard of Soto with short shots that don’t look to be effecting the Mexican.

The rounds are becoming hard to score but no doubt Soto is the one providing the highlight reel shots.

(Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.)

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:25


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 4: Takayama starts the fourth well but a big right and a nice left hook send the Japanese legend back where he came from.

The tippy-tappy style of Takayama is largely being absorbed by Soto and there is no question it is the Mexican landing the more eye-catching shots.

Some good work on the inside from both men at the end of the round. Hard one to score.

(Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.)

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:21


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 3: Soto landed more power punches in the first two rounds of this fight than Conway did in the entire 10 rounds of his fight earlier on. And yet one judge still had him winning by five points…

Anyway, Takayama tries to keep it a little longer in the third here as he attempts to slow the pace down after a bruising opening six minutes.

Some decent body work from Takayama probably means he takes the round. The beginning of a superb comeback?

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:17


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 2: Takayama looks to be boxing well for the first minute of the second round but then yet another massive right hand lands on the temple of the challenger and Soto has him in trouble once more.

Every time the clubbing right of Soto lands on Takayama he looks in danger of going down.

Takayama’s jab keeps Soto off for the remainder of the round, but this seems like a matter of time before the Mexican can land the finishing blow.

(Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.)

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:13


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

Round 1: Here we go then! Big love for Soto around the arena as we get underway. Takayama marches out straight across to Soto and looks to establish his jab.

OH BUT THEN A HUGE RIGHT FROM SOTO! A massive straight shot from Soto lands on the jaw of Takayama and the Japanese star does a little dance!

He recovers quickly but for a moment that was worrying for the challenger… AND NOW AGAIN! Soto slams a body shot into the chest of Takayama and his legs are all over the place once more.

He is saved by the bell but a HUGE opening three minutes for Soto!

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:09


Elwin Soto vs Katsunari Takayama

No time for messing around! We’re almost ready for our penultimate fight of the night for the WBO light flyweight title between EIwin Soto and Katsunari Takayama.

Challenger Takayama’s 16th world title fight at the age of 37, taking on champion Iwin Soto who won the title by shocking Carlos Buitrago last time out.

(Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.)

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 03:03


Cissokho beats Conway

Have to say, those Cissokho-Conway scorecards don’t bode well for the kind of jab and move style of someone like Billy Joe Saunders. Cissokho undoubtedly won the first five or six rounds with his jab. Worrying that one of the judges gave some of those to Conway…

Dylan Terry9 May 2021 02:56

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