You Must See Amelia Gray Hamlin Pose in Mom Lisa Rinna’s Wedding Dress

So how else did the runway star prepare for the photo shoot? While Amelia said she and her mom are already “spitting images of each other,” she did need some help when it came to recreating her mom’s classic hairstyles.

“We look like twins, but different,” she explained. “All I was thinking about was, I need to get my ass to a wig shop. The budget I spent on this was probably $200. I bought one Lisa Rinna-looking wig and then I got one long black wig and cut it and curled it. They were all synthetic, so it was hard but I made it work. I messed and played with it until I finally resembled the absolute perfect look of her in the Alaïa dress. I don’t even know how it came together, but it did. All I did for the shoot was buy two wigs and then I went into her bathroom and stole some jewelry.”

And it looks like Lisa was truly touched by the gift. “The girls just decided my fashion was cool, just this year!” the proud parent, who is also mom to model Delilah Belle Hamlin, wrote in part of an Instagram post. “I am so honored and blown away by these photos and thank you to @askmrmickey @paper and @amaurynessaibia.”

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