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The new Which? Investigates podcast explores how we can all be more sustainable consumers and the barriers we often find along the way. We’ll be demystifying the world of green jargon to find out what really matters when it comes to improving our environmental impact.

Reducing your carbon footprint is never quite as simple as it seems. Over the next few weeks, our first podcast season will investigate the ways in which UK consumers have an impact on the environment and where we can make a difference. We’ll be digging into the facts around the sustainability issues that matter, from our energy supplies to our diets, and our cars to our gadgets. 

Plus, we’ll be putting common sustainability claims under the spotlight to find out which are actually useful and which are just hot air.

Join science journalist and producer Greg Foot and our own Which? experts as they figure out how we can genuinely reduce our environmental footprint, and what’s simply green-washing.

Episode Two: does your phone come with an expiry date?

When you buy a new phone, you expect it to last, but could that new handset have a shelf-life that’s shorter than your contract? Cracked screens and dodgy batteries are a pain for so many people but is the lack of repairability on phones driven by manufacturers or by us constantly clamouring for the latest feature-packed model?

In this Which? investigation Greg Foot asks who’s to blame for the mountain of ‘old’ mobiles hidden away in drawers up and down the country. We learn the shocking reality of what it takes to make a phone, and find out the surprising fact of what happens if you recycle one, plus, we hear how phone companies may be putting you at risk.


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