11 Best Magnetic Eyelashes For Instant Volume (2021)

Magnetic Eyelashes


Choosing to use fake lashes has definite appeal because they can beautifully frame your eyes and add volume and length to your eyelashes. That said, there are some cons to using lash glue, which can be messy and also cause irritation. The alternative is magnetic lashes, which are gorgeous, easy to apply, and waterproof. They are considered a safer alternative to other false eyelashes because there is no harmful glue. You also do not need to use mascara or any other eye makeup, which can help your natural lashes to grow. Plus, just like regular false lashes, they come in various styles, from dramatic and statement options to natural-looking. To find out more about these products that are revolutionizing the beauty world, keep reading.


What are Magnetic Eyelashes?

As the name suggests, magnetic lashes use magnetic particles to stick false lashes to your lash line. Options include using a magnetic liquid liner to attach the product or using two strips of magnetic lashes over and under your natural ones, essentially sandwiching them in between. There are many pros to these lashes; they are typically much easier to apply than regular false lashes and far less messy. They also cost less than opting for lash extensions and are mostly considered safe to use. Plus, magnetic lashes can be reused multiple times.


What are Magnetic Eyelashes?


Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

Although not all brands and products are made to the same high standards, magnetic eyelashes are considered safe. They are a better alternative to false lashes that require glue which can cause irritation. You may have some hesitation about using magnets near your eyes, but if they are only on the eyelid, there should be no harmful effects on your vision. That said, you want to take care when applying them not to get anything in your eye. There is also the possibility of an allergic reaction, as there is with most products. It is essential to read the instructions in the package you purchase, keep them clean to avoid infection, and remove them before bed. You also want to limit the use of the style that sandwiches your eyelashes, as this can result in damage or hair loss caused by friction and tugging.


Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?


How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes? 

When applying magnetic lashes with liquid liner, you want to spread it on the lash line. Make the eyeliner as thick as the magnetic strip on the lashes for ease of application. Then, wait for the solution to dry; the time can vary depending on the product you use, so always read the instructions on the packaging. The next step is to pick up the lashes and place the strip either on the inner or outer corner of your eye. You can use a tweezer for precision and cleanliness. Once it is in position, apply pressure for a few seconds to ensure it sticks. It is best to do your makeup before the magnetic eyelashes and not put mascara onto the product; these lashes are reusable, and you will reduce the number of times you can wear them. Removal is also incredibly important to avoid damage, lash loss, and infection.


How To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes


Best Magnetic Eyelashes 

1. Lola’s Lashes Rose Quartz Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

Magnetic eyelashes are easy to apply and can be worn multiple times, making them an attractive option for women who want to enhance their eyes but don’t want the fuss of applying regular false lashes. The Lola’s Lashes Rose Quartz magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit is vegan friendly and cruelty-free, does not contain latex, and is easy to apply; it should only take you a couple of minutes. They look great, giving you extra length and volume, but not too much that they cannot be worn as a regular part of your makeup routine. The design uses five mini magnets to keep the lashes on the lash band, and they are waterproof and wind-resistant up to 75mph. Plus, you can wear them around 30 times.





Rose Quartz Magnetic Eyelashes


2. Easbeauty Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

If you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, why not a magnetic eyelashes kit? Easbeauty’s Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit is a fantastic product to add length and volume. They are made from high-quality synthetic fiber and use a formulated liquid that works like a magnet as it contains magnetic particles. You apply the magnetic eyeliner like you would regular eyeliner and wait for it to dry before adding the magnetic eyelashes on top of it. You can use a tweezer for precision. The result is gorgeous lashes that can beautifully frame your eyes, but they are also sturdy and easy to apply, so you do not need to worry about them falling off or looking uneven.




Easbeauty Upgraded Magnetic Eyeliner And Eyelashes Kit


3. Luxillia 8D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit

The Luxillia 8D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit is made in the USA and has thousands of reviews from happy customers. It has undergone testing to ensure that it is safe to wear and designed with micromagnetic particles. The number of particles used will provide a strong hold, so you do not need to stress about them falling off. The lashes are great for going about your daily errands and can be worn as a regular part of your makeup routine as they are created using ultra-thin synthetic silk fibers of 0.2 mm; this provides length and volume, but not too much. It is cruelty-free and vegan, making this a conscious choice that does not harm any animals. The brand is so concerned with customer satisfaction that they will refund you if you are unhappy within a year of purchase.




Luxillia 8d Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit


4. MoxieLash Set of Sassy Lashes

MoxieLash mini magnetic lashes kit is a great product to enhance your eyes and upgrade your makeup routine. The lashes are created using faux mink, and there are several different styles to choose from, depending on the length and look you want. This is wonderful if you want something glamorous to wear to an event or need natural-looking eyelashes for going about your daily errands. The lashes are easy to apply; put the magnetic eyeliner across your lash line and wait for it to dry for several minutes. You then complete the process by applying the lashes to the liner. They should stay in place for an entire day of use. They are made to be long-lasting, as well as waterproof, and can be worn for around 30 days.






5. Alfea Magnetic Lashes 

If you are looking for a brand that is tried and trusted with many positive reviews, consider Alfea Magnetic Lashes. The product is highly rated, making it a favorite of many women. The lashes are sturdy and durable yet created using a liner that uses ultra-fine magnetic particles, which can help easily connect the magnetic eyelashes. The fake lashes are lightweight, which makes wearing them great all day, and there is no glue needed, which means no mess and no fuss. It also reduces the chance of irritation. It would help if you shook the liquid eyeliner at least ten times and then apply it to your eyelids. Wait for it to dry before adding the magnetic eyelashes over the eyeliner; This can be done using the tweezer for accuracy and ease. Wear them on a date night or to a special event for a little extra glam.




Alfea Magnetic Lashes With Eyeliner


6. Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

There is a lot to love about magnetic eyelashes because they are easy to apply, you do not have to worry about the messy glue that comes with regular fake lashes, and they look stunning. Suppose you are searching for a product that is comfortable to wear, smudge-proof, and a no-mess alternative? In that case, the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit is a fantastic choice. The liner uses ultra-fine magnetic particles to connect the lashes, creating an excellent durable, strong, and long-lasting option. Wear them all day without worrying about them falling off or irritating the eyes. Plus, the pretty pink of the packaging is super cute!




Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner And Lashes Kit


7. Eylure Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner and Accent Lash System

Eylure Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner and Accent Lash System offer easy application, long-wearing, lightweight faux mink lashes, which are fantastic for special occasions. You can apply two to three coats of liquid eyeliner to your lash line, letting it dry completely before adding the magnetic lashes on top of it. It is recommended that for optimal magnetism, you make the liner as thick as the lash band. It is that simple. The lashes will last for up to 15 wears and are ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested. They are also easy to remove, but if you take them off to readjust, remember to use the liner again. The major pro about magnetic lashes is that you no longer need to use glue, which is often messy, sticky, and can cause irritation.




Eylure Promagnetic Magnetic Eyeliner Accent Lash System


8. HSBCC 3D Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

HSBCC’s 3D Magnetic Eyelashes Kit is excellent because it will give you a finished look without you needing to wear any other makeup products on your eyes. The great thing about this kit is that there are five styles of lashes to choose from, from when you want bold and beautiful lashes to a simple yet pretty style for every day. The lashes are made using high-quality synthetic fibers, which are considered safe to wear and comfortable. So, if you’re looking for strong, waterproof lashes that can be worn all day long and will give you a stunning look, then this is it.




Hsbc Magnetic Eyelashes Kit


9. Reazeal Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner

The Reazeal magnetic eyelashes kit is an attractive way to transform your makeup routine and highlight your eyes. The great thing about magnetic lashes is that they are also often cheaper than opting for eyelash extensions and much easier to use than regular false lashes that use glue. As with most magnetic lashes, this brand uses a liquid formula that contains magnetic particles, which are applied to the lash line before the lashes. The product is made using synthetic fibers, and although they will add some glam to your appearance, they are also natural enough to wear on a more regular basis.




Reazeal Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner


10. Aroamas Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit

Magnetic eyelashes are considered safer than other types of false eyelashes that use potentially harmful glues. However, it’s possible for any product you use around the eyes to be dangerous. Your risk may be higher if you misuse the product or have sensitive skin and eyes. The Aroamas Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit include seven pairs of magnetic lashes so that you can pick different styles depending on the occasion. Are you heading to a wedding and wanting a sophisticated and glamorous appearance? If you want a more casual and natural look, there is an option for that too. The product is designed using silk, and the brand prides itself on giving you more liquid eyeliner so that you do not have to purchase a new kit as quickly.




Aroamas Magnetic Eyeliner And Magnetic Eyelash Kit


11. Vafee Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner

Are you in search of a kit that can help you achieve longer and thicker lashes? Then look no further than the Vafee Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit. The product contains ten pairs of magnetic eyelashes in various styles, from natural-looking to more voluminous and dramatic. There are also two tubes of magnetic eyeliner that contain magnetic particles. The result is stunning, long-lasting lashes that are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and simple to remove. Another highlight of the product is that the kit contains a portable mirror box, making it easy to carry two pairs of lashes with you in your handbag, so you can use them whenever you want or change up your look from day to night.




Vafee Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner



Are magnetic lashes worth it?

Magnetic lashes are taking the beauty world by storm because they provide an attractive alternative to false lashes and lash extensions. For most people, they are entirely safe to use and will have no adverse side effects. They also are easy to apply, not messy, like fake lashes that use glue, and can be worn multiple times. There are various styles to choose from, and the kits often give you several pairs with good variations. While they may be more expensive than false lashes, they are worth it because you get so much use from them.

Are magnetic lashes dangerous?

Magnetic lashes are not considered dangerous. The products are a safer alternative to false eyelashes because of their glues. There is still the possibility of eye infection if you do not remove them properly or clean your eyes after use. If you do develop an irritation or allergy, stop using the product right away.

Do magnetic eyelashes stay on?

Magnetic lashes are great because they are easy to apply, sturdy, and durable. They should stay on for the whole day, or around 10 hours. You should always remove them before sleeping. The best thing about magnetic lashes is that they do not use glue, like false lashes, which makes them much less messy. It also makes the reapplication process simple, and they are easier to remove and clean.

Why are magnetic eyelashes bad?

In general, magnetic lashes are considered safe to use and even better than some other false eyelash products that use glue. That said, not all brands and products are created using high standards, so it is essential to do your research beforehand. When applying the magnetic lashes, you should take care not to get any of the liquid liner in your eye, always read the instructions on the packaging, and keep them clean to avoid infection. Improper removal could also lead to an eye infection and lash loss or damage.


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