Seth Rogen’s Vase Sells For Thousands In Vancouver Art Gallery Charity Auction

By Brent Furdyk.

For the past few years, Seth Rogen has embraced pottery as a hobby, and one of his pieces has just sold at a charity auction for the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Earlier this month, Rogen shared photos of some of his handiwork on Twitter, including a vase that he made that he’d donated to be auctioned off in order to raise money for the gallery.

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According to TMZ, Rogen’s handmade vase sold for $12,000.

“This was Vancouver Art Gallery’s first online auction and our major philanthropic event of the year, much needed especially during the pandemic,” Larah Luna, Vancouver Art Gallery Director of Marketing and Communications, tells ET Canada.

“We are extremely grateful for the tremendous generosity of local, national and international artists, private collectors and commercial galleries and we are honoured that Seth has chosen to donate one his unique creations to our auction,” she adds. “The funds raised will help the Vancouver Art Gallery continue to achieve our mission and serve thousands of children, families and adults through exceptional exhibitions and engaging art education programs.”

Courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery
Courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery
Courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery
Courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery
Courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery
Courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery

In addition, Luna confirms that a piece by acclaimed artist and photographer Cindy Sherman that sold for $120,000.

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Back in 2019, Rogen explained his attraction to pottery during an interview with GQ.

“There’s something that’s so therapeutic about it,” Rogen said. “It’s like yoga, if you got a thing at the end. If you were doing yoga and then some object was produced at the end of it.”

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