Australia Covid live news update: Three residents test positive to Covid at north-west Sydney aged care home | Australia news

This decision is one that just deals with the reality of the fact that the risk profile changes as we continue to move through this pandemic.

The Delta variant does change that profile in terms of the transmissibility of that and risks associated with it, and so we will continue to do what we can to support returning Australians – some 620,000 people have returned to Australia since the message was given in March of last year to do so…

The risk is an ever present and a real one and [that is] why decisions were taken on Friday.

We will still put 2,000 people through the Howard Springs facility with its capacity having lifted to that level on a routine basis. We will run more quarantine facilitated flights where we possibly can, and we will support those returning Australians as best we can whilst also providing the consular and, where necessary, financial assistance on the ground overseas, too.

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