Denver shouldn’t adopt ranked-choice voting. Just look at New York City’s mayoral primary.

Want to know what the future of Denver politics may look like? New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary gives us plenty of clues.

But first a refresher on Denver’s municipal election system.

In May 2023, Denver is scheduled to hold general elections for mayor; auditor; clerk and recorder, and all 13 city council seats. In each of these races, if no candidate receives more than 50% a runoff election with the two highest vote-getters is held 30 days later. There, the two candidates have an opportunity to explain their vision and policy differences to Denver voters.

Simple, straightforward, transparent, and easily understood.

But that could soon change.

This week, Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 1071 into law, which allows municipal elections to use ranked-choice voting (RCV) as part of a coordinated election.

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