Gujarat: Over 2.75 lakh students given above grace marks this year

Nearly 32 per cent of 8.57 lakh students of Class 10 in the state have been given mass promotion this year, with around 2.75 lakh students being given over and above the usual grace marks of 5 awarded every year by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB).

Confirming this, GSHSEB chairman A J Shah told The Indian Express, “Since students were to be mass promoted in Class 10, around 32 per cent of total students come under this category.”

This percentage is despite the fact that no board exams were conducted and the mass promotion is considered above 5 grace marks, which the board is authorised to award to each student. Despite these, over 2.75 lakh students have been promoted in Class 10 under the state government’s decision of mass promotion.

Sources also revealed that the state education board is analysing the result to understand how “fairly” schools have evaluated their students since it was on the basis of internal unit tests of Class 9 and 10 conducted by the schools.

The manipulation of marks by the schools is suspected from the high number of students being awarded the highest of A1 grade in the Class 10 results declared by GSHSEB on June 29.

“Since there was no check on the internal unit tests of Class 9 and 10 as well as grace marks to be awarded to a student to promote them under the mass promotion, it is suspected that schools have blatantly awarded marks to their students,” said a senior official of GSHSEB.

Despite these “special provisions” under mass promotion, only 68 per cent students could clear Class 10 with grace marks of 5.

Out of a total of 8,57,204 candidates — 4,90,482 boys and 3,66,722 girls — who were evaluated for Class 10 this year, as many as 17,186 students were graded under the A1 grade (between 91 and 100 marks).

In 2020, 4,974 students secured A1 grade, while in 2019, 1,671 students got it. In 2020, the overall pass percentage of 7,92,942 candidates who sat for the exams was reduced to 60.64 per cent from 66.97 percent in 2019.

To prepare Class 10 results, the school’s internal evaluation was done for subjects selected by the students on the basis of GSHSEB guidelines. Marks obtained by the student in first and second periodic tests of 50 marks each in Class 9 were converted into 40 per cent. Also, unit tests conducted offline and online in Class 10 were taken into account.

During academic session 2020-21, four unit tests of Class 9 for Maths, Social Science and three for Science, Gujarati first language and second language have been conducted. If a student has appeared in only one unit test, its marks have been considered, average in case of two unit tests and if more than two, the average with highest marks scored, is considered.

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