Covid Australia live update: Victoria records three new cases as Melbourne apartment block in lockdown; financial support for Sydney | Australia news

[The vaccine] won’t stop you from getting it and giving it … but it won’t completely rule that out. But what it does stop in the vast, vast majority of cases is people getting really gravely ill.

That means our hospital system is not full of Covid patients Yeah, which means that heart attacks, strokes, premature babies all the other stuff that hospitals do, they can get on with that important work.

If we have however, 25% of people who choose not to get the jab – I’m not talking about right now because a lot of those more people who want it, they can get it right, I’m talking about in three or four months – people who choose not to protect themselves, they’re not really just making a choice for themselves to make the choice for everybody else who can’t get the vaccine because they’ve got medical conditions, and all the people who will get sick and finished up in hospital will take this will take places and beds and space that the rest of us will need for the best of reasons.

So, for every good reason for you and for everybody else, people need – when they become eligible – to go and get these vaccines. They’re safe.

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