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HOMELAND: Brunello Cucinelli is once again supporting the artistic and cultural heritage of his native land, the Umbria region.

This time, through his Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, the Italian entrepreneur, in collaboration with benefit company Eni Gas e Luce, will contribute to the financing of the restoration of Perugia’s cathedral, the San Lorenzo Church.

The restoration, which will take advantage of the national tax bonuses for the renovation of buildings, will focus on the front and side facades, as well as the external stairs and of the bronze sculpture dedicated to Pope Giulio III.

In addition, the stone parts will be cleaned and concrete inserts will be switched with more appropriate materials to enhance the artistic and historic value of the monument, which was built in the heart of Perugia between the 14th and 15th centuries.

“When over the years I was passing along our wonderful cathedral, I was always captured by its majesty and beauty and I couldn’t wait to do something to protect it for the next generations. Today, one of my dreams is becoming true,” said Cucinelli, putting the focus on his love for the city of Perugia, not far from his company’s headquarters in Solomeo. “John Ruskin used to say that protecting monuments is an act of high morality and respect for history, and I like to think that the work of art that we are going to protect is a supreme symbol of art and spiritual belonging to a whole population.”

Previously, along with the Solomeo medieval village, Cucinelli financed the restoration of the Etruscan Arch and the Morlacchi Theater in Perugia, as well as the Civic Tower in Norcia.


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