Valorant is offering to revert AFK bans for players affected by the recent Mumbai server instability issue

Valorant Mumbai server faced some instability issues recently, which resulted in many players getting banned.

Within a year of launch, Valorant had not only established a thriving Esports scene in India, but it has also become one of the most played video games in the region. A few months after launch, Riot Games installed a server in Mumbai for players in India.

Recently, the server faced instability issues due to which many players are unable to join matches or log in. The instability issues even affected the El-Classico of Indian Esports, Global Esports vs Velocity Gaming at the Valorant Conquerors Championship India Qualifier 1.

Riot Games recently posted on social media asking players to contact support in case of an AFK penalty due to a server outage so that the penalty can be reverted.

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Riot Games reverting Valorant AFK bans due to Mumbai server outage

The AFK ban was first introduced in Valorant with patch 2.02. The patch warns and bans players for being inactive in matches, de-incentivizing map dodging, and being an unhelpful teammate.

However, even though the AFK ban was somewhat successful in reducing the number of matches dodging regularly, it also brought in some unwanted issues. Many times players are banned due to issues that are out of their control.

While the Mumbai server has always had some incompatibility issues with certain ISPs, recently, the server has become extremely unstable. Players were kicked out and banned because the game perceived them to be AFK.

Valorant India and South Asia recently clarified the issue on social media:

“If your games were impacted by the recent server outages, please contact player support to see if you can have your AFK penalties reverted. Keep in mind, only AFK penalties accrued from the outage will be reverted.”

Players affected due to server instability issues should contact Valorant support and appeal to have the AFK ban reverted. However, Riot Games will only revert the AFK bans that occurred due to the Mumbai server outage

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