Covid Australia live news update: NSW considers tougher lockdown as Victoria cases rise | Australia news

That should not be up to common sense, not up to people doing the right thing, but an edict from government to close non-essential retail. It means closing non-essential businesses, as was done during the lockdown in Victoria. For those businesses that are essential, they must have a CovidSafe plan, which may involve completely changing the way they do things to in order to minimise the chance of transmission at work.

These measures are needed. They are not going to have a negative economic impact on Sydney, because if they’re not done, the economic impact on Sydney will be extraordinary. So it is time to take this seriously. It is time to not be hesitant, to not be worried about how this might be perceived by the community, to not be worried about the economic impact, but to take decisive action to address this crisis in Sydney and to give Sydney the best chance of getting out of this within weeks rather than months, or waiting, in fact, to the end of the year.

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