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Willow ft. Travis Barker: “Gaslight”

With her new album Lately I Feel Everything, Willow Smith is torching the expectations of those who still think of her as the little girl in the “Fireball” video. She drops a flurry of F-bombs in “Fuck You,” and on “Gaslight,” she rages over a flawed, queer love. The latter spotlights Travis Barker’s fearsome drumming, which slingshots the song from verse to refrain as Willow pleads with a partner to “stop messing with my head / And love me instead.” It’s the pop-punk revival in its purest distillation, and at under two minutes, the song burns up as quickly as an ethanol flame. Catch Willow’s Watch Together performance of her album today on Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. —Coco Romack

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