Home Depot’s Giant Hocus Pocus Sisters Halloween Inflatable

Even the weirdos who are out on the next full moon will stop to admire Home Depot’s Hocus Pocus Sisters Halloween Decoration ($129). The Sanderson Sisters can camp out on your front lawn all throughout the spooky season thanks to the store’s new massive inflatable. At over 4 feet tall, it’s easy for this massive outdoor fixture to cast a spell on you.

The decor piece self-inflates for easy setup, and features Winifred, Sarah, and Mary holding a “Happy Halloween” sign. Whether you’re brewing potions at home or dreaming of broomstick rides, this display will surely bring out your inner witch. The inflatable has been so popular among fans, in fact, that the $129 decoration is now sold out online. However, we recommend calling your local Home Depot to see if they have it in stock. Come, little children, it’s time to shop!

Image Source: Home Depot

Home Depot's Hocus Pocus Sisters Halloween Decoration

Home Depot’s Hocus Pocus Sisters Halloween Decoration

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