Australia Covid live update: Victoria records 22 new cases as more than half of country wakes up in lockdown; SA reported to have one new case | Australia news

Yeah, look, honestly, I think the vaccination rollout has let us down …

I feel here in Australia we were on top of it and we are on top of community transmission and then there was a lag to vaccination.

Even though, in some of the vulnerable groups, numbers are higher, the overall is not enough. We need people to get vaxxed and need federal government to increase supply.

We are reaching over 300,000 a week in New South Wales. Demand is outstripping supply. It is a real issue for the federal government. They promised more.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, the promises come to fruition but it is a reminder to Australians, we cannot be complacent and even for the regions, in regional and rural New South Wales, where vaccination rates are lower. It is a reminder for people that we have not beaten Covid, it is time to get the jab.

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