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Sameera Reddy makes progress in her fitness journey: ‘Finally the hard work is paying off’

Sameera Reddy has lately been our fitness inspiration, for she regularly takes us through her weight loss journey with her Instagram posts. She has been quite vocal about dealing with issues such as fitness, mental health, body image issues, postpartum depression and self-love.

Recently, the actor took to her social media account to share her massive weight transformation. Reddy, who started working out to lose certain kilos before Diwali, revealed that she has lost 9 kg and is currently weighing 83 kg. She added that she has only 8 kg to lose before she reaches her goal of 75 kg.

With a picture of her front and back showing her progress, she wrote, “Down 9 kgs. Finally the hard work is paying off! I’m now fully charged to get the last few off! Nearly there! It’s #fitnessfriday and I’m now 83 kgs down from 92 kg. 8 kgs to go. Consistent focus is the only way to getting to our target! What’s the status with you beautiful people? How are you feeling? Just having you reading my Fitness Friday post and knowing that we are cheering each other on is the best feeling! I’ve starting boxing and it’s a lot of fun! Will share a fun video next Friday about how that’s going! Keep doing whatever works for you and most imp stay happy (sic).”

Take a look at her post.

Reddy, through her ‘Fitness Friday’ posts, has been updating her followers on the various fitness exercises and methods she has been incorporating to achieve her weight-loss goal. She earlier shared videos and pictures of her doing skipping, running and yoga among others.

A few days ago, the actor had also admitted she struggled with loving herself. “…still reminding myself every day how loving myself is so important irrespective of standards expected and I keep speaking so that anyone feeling the same should know that it’s ok and you are not alone,” she had said.

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