Adam Driver Transforms Into A Sexy Centaur In Leaked Burberry Ad & Twitter Can’t Handle It

By Brent Furdyk.

A new Burberry commercial featuring Adam Driver has leaked on social media, sending Twitter into a frenzy.

The ad spot for Burberry Hero, a new men’s fragrance, begins with Driver running on a beach and then diving into the ocean.

After a few moments of swimming, Driver encounters what he was running to: a brown horse, swimming in the waves.

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This is followed by various slow-motion underwater shots of Driver and the horse cavorting together in the water.

The spot ends with a silhouette of Driver exiting the water, no longer as a human but as a centaur.

One Twitter user best summed up the overall reaction when he wrote, “crying at this new men’s fragrance commercial from Burberry where Adam Driver appears to go into the ocean, f**k a horse, and become a centaur?”

Check out more Twitter response below”

Naturally, Adam Driver super fan/obsessed stalker John Oliver had something to say about the ad:

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