Arbaaz Khan on comparisons with Salman: ‘In terms of popularity, not reached his status, but I’m on my way’

Actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan recently opened up about his career and constant comparisons with his superstar brother Salman Khan. While talking to Pinkvilla, Arbaaz said that there cannot be any con or disadvantage to having a sibling like Salman.

“I don’t think there is any disadvantage to being a brother to a star like Salman Khan, realistically, what would there be? It’s very easy to turn around and say the expectations are very high, but I chose this profession. It wasn’t thrust upon me; I chose to be in a profession where my father is Salim Khan and my brother is Salman Khan,” the actor stated.

Arbaaz went on to add that he has had his own share of ups and downs, and while he may not be a big star like Salman, he is enjoying what he is doing professionally.

“I’m fighting my own wars, I’ve got my own journey. Maybe in terms of popularity or in terms of star-status I’ve not reached the status of, say, a Salman Khan, but I’m on my way, I’m getting there, I enjoy what I do. I don’t have any pressures, and I don’t look at it as a negative thing. If somebody doesn’t make it, it’s very easy to turn around and say a small tree can’t flourish under a large one, but that’s an excuse,” Arbaaz concluded.

On the work front, Arbaaz Khan is currently seen hosting the chat show Pinch.

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