New Horizons update removes the missing villagers glitch from the game

Following the 1.10 update to Animal Crossing, there was a slight glitch. This is common with updates or new games, as bugs and glitches find their way in all the time.

Now that the 1.11 update has gone live, it seems this glitch has been fixed. The glitch was causing villagers to go missing without any indication of where they were. Animal Crossing villagers would not be in the same places and would often leave their homes as well, but can pretty much always be found at the museum if that was the case. The glitch was causing them to just be gone entirely. Now, the latest update seems to have fixed that problem.

1.11 update fixes longtime villager glitch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Now, this glitch wasn’t a huge problem. It wasn’t causing the game to crash or for Animal Crossing players to lose items or anything. Still, it can be pretty frustrating to need to talk or get something from a particular villager who is just gone.

DIY recipes, items and other things won’t be available from villagers if the villagers aren’t there. Plus, when villagers move to the island, they are supposed to stay until the Animal Crossing player kicks them out, so the island can change pretty drastically without them.

The update has patched this glitch and villagers are no longer going missing with no explanation. This has given lots of players a sense of relief, though some didn’t know why their villagers were going missing in the first place.

That reiterates both points: that it wasn’t that harmful to the players, but it was also frustrating for them anyway. Nintendo has patched that and has a smooth running game once again. Nintendo games are usually pretty good with running smoothly and not having many glitches, so this was one of the more peculiar things that had gone unchecked for a while.

Animal Crossing museum. Image via Animal Crossing World
Animal Crossing museum. Image via Animal Crossing World

Now that Animal Crossing players have finally gotten the long-awaited update, it has given them two things: the new content (though mostly seasonal items) they were begging for and a fix to a strange glitch with their villagers. Two birds with one stone here for Nintendo and Animal Crossing with their latest update.

Museum entrance. Image via Aldo Vasari on Pinterest
Museum entrance. Image via Aldo Vasari on Pinterest

Was this glitch noticeable for players?

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