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Here’s why it is important to know your pet’s blood group

Pets are an important part of the family, and if you decide to keep one, you will have to make a lifelong commitment of ensuring a comfortable and healthy life for them. It is important for pet parents to know everything about them, from their eating patterns to medical history and, among other things, their blood group.

Dr Dilip Sonune, director, veterinary services at says knowing their blood group can save a lot of time, and even their life, when you have to get a test done, or if there is any urgent requirement of blood.

“Similarly, if you find another pet parent who is looking for a blood donor with a certain blood group type, you and your pet can help them if the blood group matches. Blood compatibility is the premise of blood donation and that is possible only if you know about your pet’s blood group beforehand,” he says.

According to the doctor, there are many illnesses and conditions — like tick fever, accidents, major surgery, canine distemper (in dogs), blood transfusion, low hemoglobin and platelet count, and parvoviral infection — that require blood donation.

“Blood donation in pets has existed for years, but because of the unavailability of resources and a general lack of knowledge coupled with misconceptions, it has taken a backseat. Every year, many pets lose their life because the right blood donor almost never reaches in time. Pet parents fear the process of donation because they believe that it can have adverse effects on their furbaby. The gap between donors and recipients needs to be bridged,” says Dr Sonune.

He adds that the first step is to know your pet’s blood group; make sure they are up-to-date with their vaccinations and are eligible for blood donation. “Register your pet as a donor as the more the number of donors, the better is the chance of survival for the recipient.” has an initiative called #BondedByBlood and you can get your pets registered as a donor under it.

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