Here Are My Favorite Airline Ad Campaigns

I’ve written in the past about the best airline boarding music (which I often listen to at home). Continuing with the theme of enjoying airline-related things at home, today I wanted to share some of my favorite airline ads that were produced in the past 20 years.

I”m a huge fan of both airlines and marketing, so when you combine the two, I enjoy airline ads more than others. At a time when many people are still traveling a lot less than in the past, I find these ads even more enjoyable.

It’s hard to rank these ads since they’re all so different, but here are some of my favorites (and then in the comments section below I’d like to hear which ads OMAAT readers like most, ideally with links to them):

Etihad’s “Flying Reimagined” campaign

Ahhh, remember the time when Etihad was super aspirational and not yet a complete mess? Yes, it was a good few months. The below ad featuring Nicole Kidman is just so whimsical and fun to watch, and really was the start of Etihad (briefly) being an ultra-luxurious carrier. It’s hard to believe that Etihad’s A380s are now a thing of the past

American Airlines’ post-9/11 ad campaign

You’re probably surprised I’m including an American Airlines ad on this list, but the company’s post 9/11 ad campaign was phenomenal, and the tagline rings true now more than ever before:

“We are an airline. But it’s become clear we are more.”

As we just passed the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and as the industry faces its biggest challenges since then, this ad sure seems relevant.

British Airways’ “To Fly, To Serve” campaign

One aspect of British Airways that I’ve long loved is the advertising. Of British Airways’ ads, the below one that recounts the advancements in aviation is one of my favorites.

Also, while the below doesn’t qualify as a traditional advertisement, British Airways’ “Visit Mum” campaign is one of the most touching five minute videos I’ve ever seen. If it doesn’t make you cry I question whether you’re human.

KLM’s “100 Years Of Progress” campaign

To celebrate its 100th birthday, KLM released an incredible ad showcasing the progress of aviation since the company’s founding. Not only do I love the message in general, but the production quality is flawless, given the extent to which uniforms and aircraft over the years are featured.

Singapore Airlines’ “The Lengths We Go” campaign

Singapore Airlines is such an iconic brand, and the airline has had so many memorable ad campaigns over the years. My favorite is the 2013 “The Lengths We Go” campaign. The music, the imagery… wow!

Turkish Airlines’ “Widen Your World” campaign

Let’s be honest — Morgan Freeman could read the ingredients list of a Fiber One bar and I’d be into it. When you combine Turkish Airlines with Morgan Freeman, you get magic.

While not as widely relatable, avgeeks will appreciate the below Turkish Airlines ad, featuring kids that are as excited about airplanes as I am. These kids are basically me in Miami (since I live under the approach path for MIA), except I don’t have to build a runway.

Qantas’ “Feels Like Home” campaign

While this ad is from pre-coronavirus times, I imagine that for many people this feels more relevant than ever before. I know many Australians feel like they’re at home the second they step on a Qantas flight in another country, and this ad captures that perfectly, along with the joy of reuniting with loved ones.

Emirates’ Jennifer Aniston campaign

There’s not a more fun way to fly than in Emirates’ A380 first class. Emirates’ ad from several years ago that stars Jennifer Aniston sums up what makes it so incredible.

While objectively pretty cringeworthy, I also love how catchy Emirates’ recent “I Want To Fly The World” ad is.

And let’s not forget the unbelievable stunt that Emirates pulled off, where a flight attendant climbed to the top of the Burj Khalifa to hold some signs.

Lufthansa’s “Fanhansa” campaign

While not as sentimental as some of the other ads, you have to give Lufthansa credit for its humorous “Fanhansa” ads. In this particular ad, you have two Brits who end up being booked on Lufthansa, and it’s funny to see the difference between what they’re expecting from the Germans and what they actually experience.

Lufthansa had an ad with a similar message for the India market, which was also hilarious.

SWISS’ “The People Behind SWISS” campaign

While this is more of a brand movie than a traditional ad, fellow avgeeks will appreciate the below video from SWISS, which showcases just how much goes into airline operations. The music is pretty great as well.

Bottom line

I think the above is a pretty good sampling of some of my favorite airline ads. From inspirational post-9/11 ads, to ads showcasing the wonder of aviation, to ads focused on specific aspects of airline products, there are quite a few to choose from.

What are your favorite airline ads? 

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