I give damn about getting work in film industry: Diljit Dosanjh opens up about his upcoming projects, experience in Bollywood and more

Diljit Dosanjh has a reputation of being extremely clear and vocal when it comes to his views. The 37-years-old actor has been seen in many films, the last one being Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari. The movie was released last year and was received well by the audiences. The actor is currently busy shooting Ali Abbas Zafar’s Detective Sherdil.

During the conversation with Film Companion, the actor opens up about the film and reveals that he was ready to do the film even before reading the story script. In the interview, Diljit said that the director narrated the script to him and asked if it was a nice film. He also said he could not read the script as it was in English. “The shoot went very well, luckily!”

When asked  about how did he go with the script without reading one, as no one in the film industry signs the film without reading the full script, he said, ” I don’t even care about getting movie in the Bollywood industry”. He continued saying, ” I don’t even down for Bollywood and don’t even wish to get place for myself in the Bollywood. I don’t even wish to become “Mahaan kalaakar” in Bollywood. I love music and that I can pursue on my own. No one can tell me if this is right for me, or if this would work for me and vice-versa.

“We are free to create our own music in Punjab. Every artist in Punjab is free to make his music and make one. That is the kind of freedom we have there and nobody can take that away from us. I don’t care, ” ratti bhar fark nahi padta”, about getting work in Bollywood”, added Dosanjh. When asked whether he has his own share of bad experiences in the industry, Diljit said that it is better not go down that road. “Baat niklegi toh door tak jayegi”, he said.

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