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5 Easy Crostini Appetizers (Perfect For The Holidays!)

I love a good party, but honestly, I’m mostly just there for the snacks. If I could park myself next to the food table and just leisurely sample through the appetizers and treats, occasionally chatting up a friend here and there, I would consider that the perfect party.

With the holidays around the corner, I thought I would whip up an easy spread of delicious crostini toppings since crostinis are one of my favorite things to eat and serve at a party.

For this post, we are partnering with Walmart, and I love that they make it easy to shop for all your party food needs as well as your serving dishes and holiday decor items, all in one place! I grabbed all my grocery needs for this platter in one trip to Walmart and I was so happy that I could save time to get everything at one store (and get to assembling them faster).

My favorite party foods to serve are ones that are easy to make and taste great, so these five crostini options will make hosting a breeze and your friends and family will think you’re also pretty fancy too!

5 different crostinis on a marble serving board with Christmas decorations around it

Why are Crostinis The Perfect Party Food?

  • They are bite size (well, a few bites): Having easy-to-pick-up appetizers is always a plus with a party, and one that you can eat in a bite or two also gives guests a chance to try a few without filling up on just that snack.
  • The topping options are unlimited: Seriously, there are a million ways to top crostinis … from savory to sweet, to both, the options are endless so you could serve them at every party and never have to do it the same way twice if you didn’t want to.
  • Easy to customize: If you have guests that are vegetarians, or vegans, or dairy-free, you can swap out ingredients to make sure your guests have something delicious they can have as well (they make gluten-free baguettes as well!).
toasted bread slices on marble board

What type of bread should I use for crostinis?

The best bread to use for crostinis is a French baguette (the long skinny breads that you see in bike baskets in Paris, haha). Once sliced, the pieces are toasted in the oven and you get the perfect crunch that is chewier than a cracker, but more sturdy for holding toppings than a regular piece of toast would be.

While you could use another bread as the base of your crostini, just be aware it may not be as sturdy as a sliced baguette is when toasted.

Can I make crostinis in batches?

Yes!! That’s the other great thing about these is that you can cut a bunch of bread slices, toast them, and then just spread them out in a line and top with your assorted toppings. You can make them all the same or mix and match flavors just by varying the toppings.

You can also roast a lot of your fruit toppings together on different sides of the same pan. Just keep an eye on them as they may bake at different rates.

roasted grape and rosemary crostini appetizer

Roasted Grape and Honey Goat Cheese Crostini

This is one of my favorite apps I’ve ever had at a party! I actually had one of these at my co-worker’s house years ago and asked her friend immediately for the recipe.

The roasted grapes give the dish some sweetness along with the honey in the goat cheese, and the creamy cheese with the roasted rosemary gives it a tangy undertone that pairs perfectly.

prochutto and plumb crostini appetizer

Prosciutto and Plum Crostini

Another way to marry sweet and savory is to use prosciutto, as it pairs really well with fruits like plums, peaches, pears, and slices of melon like honeydew and cantaloupe.

You can also roast fruit slices (the plumbs, peaches, or pears) until they start to soften a bit or even crisp up the prosciutto first on a cookie sheet until it starts to get crispy, but it’s also great as-is and can be a nice contrast if you have other topping options that are roasted.

chocolate hazelnut spread and berries appetizer

Chocolate Hazelnut with Berries and Mint

Chocolate hazelnut spread on bread is one of my favorite things in the world, so adding it to a crostini with fresh berries and mint is a really fast way to make a desert crostini and please all those chocolate bread lovers like myself. This one is really fast to put together so you can make more in a snap as needed.

Roasted Tomato and Feta

What’s better than tomatoes, basil, and cheese? You can do a feta slice for a tangier option or stick with something a little more mild like a mozzarella or even a cream cheese. This one is definitely a classic standard that’s a crowd pleaser any time of the year.

blackberry and brie crostinis

Blackberry and Baked Brie Crostini

This is one of those toppings that feels fancy but is still a snap to make! Adding a bit of honey and vanilla to the blackberry gives it something extra and smashing a few of them will give you an instant jam as well to add to the brie.

crostini appetizers on a holiday decorated table

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