A $100 Kroger Grocery List, from a Registered Dietitian


As a registered dietitian, I’m constantly on the hunt for nutritious groceries that appeal not only to me, but also to my husband and very picky and active 7-year-old daughter — and work within my weekly grocery budget. I recently took a trip to my local Kroger to see what 100 dollar’s worth of groceries would look like right now.

If you are fortunate enough to live close to a Kroger, you already know the amazing variety of food (and storage solutions, kitchenware, and decor) the store offers. During my trip, I found many name-brand items I regularly buy. I also added a few store-brand products to my cart. I went slightly over budget (by $1.46), but was still very satisfied with my haul. Here’s everything I bought.

Apples are a great grab-and-go fruit, but they’re also an excellent addition to sandwiches (a turkey, apple, and cheese sandwich is divine). Among the apple options out there, Envy apples are my mainstay, thanks to their balanced sweetness, satisfying crunch, and a flesh that stays white longer.

2. Zespri SunGold Kiwi, $4.79

Vitamin C is a key nutrient that supports our immune system, and kiwi is an excellent source, offering more than 100% of our daily needs in one fruit. Unlike traditional kiwis, SunGold kiwis have a golden flesh, which is fun change of pace. A naturally sweet snack, they’re a fun addition to our fruit bowl and are easy to eat — just cut, scoop, and enjoy!

3. Kroger Brand Cut & Peeled Baby Carrots, $1.19

No matter how many baby carrots I buy, it’s never enough. I use them constantly: They’re a key ingredient in soups, a vehicle for different dips, and sometimes I just nosh on them straight from the bag. They’re also a high source of vitamin A (just a one-half cup provides 51% of your daily value).

4. Eggland’s Best Grade A Large Eggs, $3.79

More often than not, you’ll find Eggland’s Best eggs in my cart. Eggs are a staple in my home because they’re incredibly versatile and just one medium egg provides 6 grams of protein. Eggland’s Best eggs are unique because they have 25% less saturated fat, six times more Vitamin D, and 10 times more Vitamin E compared to ordinary eggs. Lately, we’ve been adding them on top of our grilled burgers.

5. Applegate Naturals Uncured Beef Hot Dogs, $6.29

Made with minimal ingredients — 100% grass-fed beef, water, salt, and spices — this is my go-to for family cookouts. The beef is raised on verified regenerative U.S. grasslands, which helps support the environment. These dogs also freeze nicely, so I can stash them in the freezer and pull them out for any last-minute grilling needs.

6. Lightlife Smoky Bacon Tempeh, $4.99 ($4.49 on sale)

My family loves the taste of bacon, but I don’t love the saturated fat that comes with it, which is 15% of the daily value. Lightlife Smoky Bacon Tempeh is meat-free and has a smoky, satisfying bacon flavor. Plus it contains significantly less saturated fat per serving (0.5 grams, or 3% of the daily value). We eat it as a side and swap it in for bacon in some recipes.

7. Kroger Medium Wild Caught Frozen Shrimp, $7.99 ($6.99 on sale)

On busy nights when I need to get dinner on the table ASAP, I reach for this bag of frozen shrimp. They thaw in minutes — I place the shrimp in a colander in the sink and run cold water over them — and provide a whopping 24 grams of protein per serving (48% of the daily value). I love to use these in stir-fries, soups, and pastas

8. Kroger 3 Pepper & Onion Blend, $1.49

Do you have a favorite frozen shortcut? This frozen bag of vegetables is one of mine. A lot of recipes I make — omelets, casseroles, stews — use chopped peppers and onions. With this bag in the freezer I can skip the chopping and get right to the cooking. Bonus: Frozen vegetables retain much of their nutrients, are available year-round, and are often much more economical.

9. Wyman’s Frozen Wild Blueberries, $13.99 ($11.99 on sale)

Like their vegetable counterparts, frozen fruit also retains much of their nutrients. These Wyman’s Frozen Wild Blueberries are tiny in size, but might in flavor, which is why they frequently find their way into my morning meals (and my new favorite dessert). Also try adding them to your preferred pancake batter or smoothie recipe!

10. Barilla Farfalle, $1.79

White pasta has gotten a bad rap over the years, it can be a healthy, affordable pantry staple. It naturally contains essential nutrients, is enriched with iron and B vitamins, and it doesn’t have added sugar, fat, or sodium like some other refined grains. I find Barilla products to be consistently high in quality and I like how versatile the farfalle is in particular. I use it in pasta salads, soups, and with pesto and a lean protein on top. Plus, it’s an easy shape for my young daughter to navigate with her fork.

11. Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes, $4.99 ($4.29 on sale)

While fresh tomatoes are always welcome in my kitchen or on my grill, I also keep a jar of sun-dried tomatoes to add instant flavor to hummus, pasta dishes, and scrambled eggs. Plus, the tomato-infused olive oil doubles as a marinating liquid.

12. Barilla Rustic Pesto, $3.49

Canned black beans are a seriously versatile ingredient and are a natural source of fiber and antioxidants. I usually buy whichever brand is the least expensive and use them to make meat-free burgers, salads, and tacos. I’ll often also serve them with eggs or even sneak them into brownies (don’t tell my little one).

14. Whisps Cheddar Cheese & Pretzel Bites, $4.99

These new bites hit shelves in May and have been a mainstay in my snack drawer ever since. Made with cheddar and crunchy pretzel pieces, Whisps Cheese & Pretzel Bites contain 7 grams of protein per serving, which will help you feel fuller longer.

15. Real Food From The Ground Up Sea Salt Flavored Cauliflower Stalks, $4.39

It’s hard to beat a crunchy snack, and these califlower-based sticks are a favorite of mine. I like that they’re made with cassava, cauliflower, and a blend of other vegetables, including spinach, broccoli, and carrots, among others.

16. Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter Energy Bar, $1.99

These bars are great an hour or two before a hard workout. (For me, a hard workout is any moderate-intensity activity lasting longer than an hour.) Made with organic rolled oats, soy rice crisps, peanuts, and a mix of brown rice, tapioca, and cane syrups, it’s the fuel I need to sustain my energy while I sweat.

17. Wonderful BBQ Pistachios, $5.99

You know how I feel about protein-filled snacks. Well, these shelled pistachios contain 6 grams per serving, are naturally cholesterol-free, and add 3 grams of fiber to your day. Plus the smoky BBQ seasoning is spot-on. Trying adding a few to your salads for extra flavor and crunch!

18. Lesley Stowe Wild Blueberry and Almond Raincoast Crisps, $7.99

Found in the deli section, these crispy crackers are made with nutrient-dense foods, like fruit, nuts, and seeds. They’re great to have around for a fancy-ish snack and are also a regular addition to my charcuterie boards

19. Milton’s Gluten Free Olive Oil & Sea Salt Baked Crackers, $3.99

I always have a few gluten-free products on hand for when my friends who follow a gluten-free diet visit. Milton’s wheat-free crackers contain eight grains and four seeds. And even though I don’t follow a gluten-free diet, I end up snacking on them too because they’re so delicious. 

20. That’s It Fruit Bar, $1.50

With a 7-year-old daughter at home, it shouldn’t be a surprise that snacks are a main part of our grocery list. Instead of buying traditional fruit roll-ups or gummies, I stock up on That’s It fruit bars. These fruity snacks are made with 100% fruit (no added sugar) and are sweet and satisfying. 

21. Uncle Matt’s Organic Ultimate Immune Orange Juice Beverage, $6.99

I like to start my day with a glass of this juice. This blend is made with organic orange juice and elderberry juice from concentrate, and one eight-ounce glass provides 300% of my daily dose of Vitamin C, 50% Vitamin D, and 25% Zinc. This trifecta of vitamins — Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc — is what puts the “ultimate” in immunity support.

22. Halo Top Mango Sorbet, $6.63

I have a pint of this mango sorbet stashed in my freezer at all times during the summer. It’s a light, vibrant snack, certified vegan and gluten-free, and has 55% less sugar per serving than other fruit sorbets. Plus everyone in the house loves it!

Do you shop at Kroger for groceries? What sorts of things do you get there?

Lauren Manaker


Lauren Manaker is an award-winning registered dietitian, book author, and freelance writer based in Charleston, South Carolina. She has an abnormal love for sparkling water and enjoys digging into the latest healthy food trends.

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