A Closer Look at All of Lindsay Lohan’s Tattoos

Lindsay Lohan's Tattoos: A Guide

  • Lindsay Lohan has at least 15 known tattoos so far.
  • Some designs include tiny symbols, while others are nods to people in her life.
  • Keep reading to learn the meanings behind Lohan’s tattoo collection.

After a years-long hiatus from the entertainment industry, Lindsay Lohan is back on the silver screen and better than ever. She’s starring in the new holiday film “Falling For Christmas” that’s now streaming on Netflix, which has prompted many people to search for other pertinent details relating to the star — including whether or not she has any tattoos.

The short answer is that yes, she does. In fact, throughout the years, Lohan has developed an impressive tattoo collection of 15 known designs so far. She hasn’t said much about her love of body art in the past, though it was once rumored that she was going to open her own tattoo parlor. (She’s even tattooed other people here and there.) While Lohan’s ink varies in size, location, and type, she does follow a few common themes: she loves symbols like hearts and stars and inspirational quotes, and she even has a few designs inspired by former flames. Many are located on her wrists and arms that are easy to spot, although she does have a few hidden tattoos on her rib cage and back.

From Marilyn Monroe’s quotes to spiritual symbols, each of her tattoos has a special meaning, and she’s been known to get matching tattoos with some of the people she loves. If you want to see each design up close, we’re zooming in on all of Lohan’s tattoos, including what each of them means, ahead. Keep reading to see them for yourself.

Lindsay Lohan’s Left Wrist Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Left Wrist Tattoo

Lohan seems to like star tattoos, as she has a few. This one, a black star, is on the inside of her left wrist and dates back to as early as 2005.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Lower-Back Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Lower-Back Tattoo

Lohan has one lower-back tattoo that we know of, which reads “La Bella Vita” (translating to “the beautiful life” in Italian). It’s also the title of one of her 2005 songs.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Right Hand Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Right Hand Tattoo

In 2008, Lohan got a red star on her right hand that matched the similar designs of then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. The actor told Marie Claire in 2008, “Samantha has a bunch of stars, so I got that.”

In 2012, she added a quote alongside her existing ink that reads in all caps, “I leave before being left.” The quote comes from Brigitte Bardot and is said to illustrate a woman in charge of her own destiny.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Left Hand Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Left Hand Tattoo

Lohan got the outline of a black heart inked on her left hand in 2008. It was reportedly a matching design she got with then-girlfriend Ronson.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Left Hand Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Left Hand Tattoo

Four years later, in 2012, she tattooed the words “live without regrets” below the existing heart.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Finger Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Finger Tattoo

Lohan followed Rihanna‘s footsteps, getting a tattoo that reads “Shhh” on her right index finger. While she hasn’t confirmed the rumors, it’s been reported that Lohan and friend Lily Allen got matching designs after a night out in 2009.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Left Forearm Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Left Forearm Tattoo

Lohan has a Marilyn Monroe quote etched on her left and right forearms that reads, “I restore myself when I’m alone.” While she hasn’t shared the meaning behind this design, she got it sometime in 2010 after her breakup with Samantha Ronson.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Right Forearm Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Right Forearm Tattoo

On Lohan’s right forearm is the matching tattoo of the Marilyn Monroe quote. Each design is surrounded by colorful stars.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Left Inner-Arm Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Left Inner-Arm Tattoo

Blink and you may miss this tattoo. On Lohan’s left arm, you can see a faint design etched in white ink. While it’s hard to make out, it’s reportedly a tattoo of a sleeping girl, which she got in 2010. At the time, TMZ reported a source said Lohan “liked the innocence of the girl,” and that’s why she got the tattoo.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Rib Cage Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Rib Cage Tattoo

The tattoo on Lohan’s right side, right along her rib cage, is a quote from Billy Joel’s song “I Go to Extremes.” It features a little black star with the words, “Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life.” She got the ink in 2011.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Inner-Bicep Tattoos

Lindsay Lohan's Inner-Bicep Tattoos

Lohan has a set of tattoos on her left and right inner biceps. On her right arm is a red triangle inside another red triangle, and underneath the words read, “What Dreams May Come,” which is a line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” At the time she got the tattoo in 2013, it was reported she got it with her friend Liam McMullan, a former Page Six columnist, to represent their “deep spiritual bond.”

On her left bicep is another red triangle. She explained on her blog at the time that this one was inspired by a triangle concept from the book “Personal Development For Smart People” by Steve Pavlina. The triangle diagram highlights the seven principles (love, truth, power, oneness, intelligence, authority, and courage) of personal growth.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Right Shoulder Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan's Right Shoulder Tattoo

Zoom in on Lohan’s right shoulder and you’ll notice a tattoo in the shape of an anchor. While the actor hasn’t commented on its meaning, the design has been known to symbolize support and stability in times of need. It’s unclear when she got the tattoo.

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Linday Lohan’s Foot Tattoo

Linday Lohan's Foot Tattoo

In 2014, Lohan got a foot tattoo that reads, “Be Here Now.” While she hasn’t explained the meaning behind the design, it seems like a nice reminder to stay in the present.

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Get a closer look at her arm tattoos here.

Get a closer look at her arm tattoos here.

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