A Fashion Expert Edited Her Closet and Kept These 9 Trends

Taylor Tomasi Hill is, well, a fashion legend. As a street style fixture and veteran in the industry with an expansive career that has led to her current role as fashion and creative director of The Yes, she’s a true insider and expert in the field. On that note, she told us she’s currently editing her closet, so naturally, we wanted to know more for sartorial inspiration.

“I love a good closet edit session. (Who doesn’t?!) You’re conquering the world. You’re bringing order out of chaos. You’re folding tees with a technique that would make Marie Kondo jealous,” Tomasi Hill says. “I am pretty ruthless in my editing because I like a small, all-star closet. So after the donations and gifting to friends is done, here’s the list of trends I’m keeping and then immediately wearing all summer.”

With all of that in mind, keep scrolling to see the items Tomasi Hill is keeping in her closet for summer (complete with fun and playful visual inspiration) and why she’s hanging onto them.

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