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Coming from the man who gave one of his kids the name Dusty Rose, there’s a new Levine baby name option in town, and this one comes with its own child-sized baggage. Singer Adam Levine is under fire after several women accused the (very married) Maroon 5 frontman of sending flirty direct messages — including one who claims Levine said he wants to name his new child after her. Here’s a complete-and-quick timeline of the events leading up to the alleged bonkers request.

The Sumner Stroh video – Monday afternoon

On Monday, Instagram model Sumner Stroh posted a TikTok video, claiming she had a months-long affair with Levine, which began over Instagram direct messages. Stroh didn’t say how the two broke off their dalliance but posted screenshots of alleged messages they traded. She also claimed that after months of not speaking, the singer slid into her DMs again, this time with a request.

“Ok serious question,” a screenshot shared by Stroh reads. “I’m having another baby and if it’s w boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You ok with that? DEAD serious.” A shrugging emoji followed the message.

Stroh called the interaction “hell,” saying her morals were “unknowingly compromised” during the alleged relationship — whatever that means.

“I was young. I was naive. Quite frankly I feel exploited,” Stoh said in her video. “I wasn’t in the scene like I am now so I was definitely very easily manipulated.”

Stroh said the only reason she posted the video was to get ahead of a tabloid story started by one of her former friends. Unfortunately, Monday’s slow news day quickly pushed Stroh’s video to the top of for-you-pages, with the firestorm moving directly into her comments. Since Monday, Stroh’s video has been viewed 17.6 million times.

@Alysonrosef — Monday afternoon

Not to be outdone, Alyson Rose, another Instagram model, posted several screenshots on Monday she claimed were conversations she shared with the singer. Unlike Stroh, Alyson denied in now-deleted comments that the relationship was an affair, saying the two never met and instead it was a one-sided relationship with Levine asking for photos.

One alleged message between Levine and Alyson was riddled with spelling errors and acknowledged that he shouldn’t be talking to her. Others referred to her as “hot.” Unlike Stroh’s video, Alyson was less clear about why she was revealing the messages now, instead saying she wanted other women with similar experiences to come forward.

“I feel really bad for his wife,” Alyson said. “Nobody deserves this.” Alongside her video, she used the hashtags #cancelled and #fyp.

When people in her comments began accusing her of using the situation to gain clout or lying about the DMs, she posted a screen recording of her Instagram messages, which included what appeared to be a voice memo from Levine.

@Mvrykv_ — Monday night

At this point, things are likely not good in the Levine household. The story has already been published by multiple news outlets and Stroh has had enough time to make a follow-up video where she expresses all of the remorse she forgot to include in her OG clip.

So it’s another nail in the coffin when yet another relatively popular Instagram model posted a set of alleged DMs with the singer. Maryka, or @mvrykv_, posted a photo of the alleged DMs via her Instagram story.

The message reads “Distract yourself by fucking with me!” Taking a page from Alyson’s doubters, she immediately followed up with a recording of her alleged messages, including a video she claims is from Levine where he says “I’m stupid,” without context.

Adam Levine statement — Tuesday afternoon

When it’s more than one woman, any lapses in judgment read less like an unfortunate slide into the DMs and much more like a pattern of attempted home runs. On Levine’s end, the singer didn’t comment on the cheating accusations until Tuesday afternoon, when he published an apology on his Instagram stories. (Maybe he thought apologizing to his wife would disrupt his Instagram’s carefully curated aesthetic.)

In the apology, Levine firmly denied having an affair with Stroh, but admitted the messages did cross a line.

“I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner. I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period of my life,” he said. “In certain instances it became inappropriate. I have addressed that and taken proactive steps to remedy this with my family. My wife and my family is all I care about in this world. To be this naive and stupid enough to risk the only thing that truly matters to me was the greatest mistake I could ever make. I will never make it again. I take full responsibility. We will get through it and we will get through it together.”

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