A Supreme Court Nominee – Yawn and Move On

Keeping the focus on Biden’s failures and avoid shooting ourselves in the foot by behaving like a bunch of lunatics over a Supreme Court nominee who will be approved anyway


The new buzz in the media is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s decision to retire.  It is likely a political decision, allowing President Biden to pick a new Justice while he has a majority in the Senate to approve his nominee.

This couldn’t come at a better time for Biden.  Certainly, he will get his nominee passed in the Senate but more importantly, it is an opportunity to change the subject!  His handling of the Ukraine crisis is dismal.  The economy is horrible.  The border continues hemorrhaging and his handling of illegal migrants is nothing short of a dereliction of duty for a POTUS.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Independents are totally disillusioned by Biden and the Democrats

With an election just nine months away, it is important for the GOP to think strategically in its handling of the Supreme Court nomination.  Independents are totally disillusioned by Biden and the Democrats.  Polling suggests that Republicans are winning the generic ballot question, ‘if you were to vote today would you be more likely to vote for a Democrat or Republican candidate.’  The last thing that we want to do is to turn off those voters with over-the-top antics that might cause them to say, “It just doesn’t matter, Dems and Republicans are all alike.”

Democrats have 50% of the Senate plus the tie breaking vote by Vice President Harris.  A liberal justice will surely be replaced by another liberal justice.  There is nothing that conservatives can do about that.  The most effective strategy Republicans can use will be to follow the process in a respectful and dignified manner.  Challenge the nominee during the Senate hearings and vote ‘no’ on the nominee if they wish.  Unless the nominee is a card carrying member of the Communist Party, conservatives should not enter into hyperbole, running out to do media interviews to berate and besmirch them.  That tactic is from the Democrat play book.

The most valuable use of the media will be to keep the focus on Biden’s failures.  When asked about the nominee, conservative lawmakers should simply state that they will give the person careful consideration through the normal process within the Senate.  Keeping the focus on Biden’s failures will reinforce the doubts that voters have about the Democrats’ ability to properly lead the country and avoid shooting ourselves in the foot by behaving like a bunch of lunatics over a Supreme Court nominee who will be approved anyway.


Jack Meyer — Bio and ArchivesJack Meyer spent 43 years in business management, including 23 years in domestic and international operations with FedEx. He has been partner or sole owner in three businesses. He has been politically active, writing in support of national and state candidates, for the past ten years. Most of his writings have been posted in various online publications. He is recently retired and remains involved in writing, both political opinion and fiction.

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