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Acne In Skin Of Color: Your Biggest Questions, Answered

“I find that microdermabrasion can be either ineffective or troublesome for women of color, especially those who are prone to hyperpigmentation, because of the risk of inflammation and resulting hyperpigmentation. All acne scars are not created the same. Some treatments I recommend often are 1) microneedling, which can treat acne scarring and can be used with or without other technologies, such as platelet rich plasma and radio frequency to help boost results, and 2) Nd:YAG laser for more pigmented scars. Never underestimate the importance of a consistent skin-care routine (sunscreen, retinoids, and antioxidants) in ensuring that any in-office procedure you choose is successful. Two of my favorite over-the-counter ingredients to help with breakouts (before seeing your dermatologist) are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. To help clear acne and improve skin tone and texture, try an exfoliating, acid complex product like Neutrogena Stubborn Texture Daily Cleanser. If your breakouts are severe, it’s important to seek an evaluation by board-certified dermatologist.”

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