Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes – Recipe Review

I like to think I know my way around a potato. My latkes are golden and crispy. My baked potatoes are extra creamy (thanks, Martha!). And I can turn any type of potato into a crash hot potato

But my confidence wanes when it comes to roasted potatoes. For a long time, I simply tossed them with oil and sent them to the oven — only to have them emerge wrinkled and slightly chewy. Then I learned about parboiling, which I’ve done in both a pot and directly on the baking sheet. While more successful, it’s tedious and time-consuming, especially considering the potatoes are just a side dish! I craved a simple, hands-off recipe that yielded crispy potatoes every single time. 

I’m happy to report I found it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it involves the air fryer — the secret to many a crispy veggie. Let me tell you all the reasons why I love it. 

Why I Love These Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

For starters, these air fryer potatoes taste even better than I thought possible. That’s likely due to two things: the way the potatoes are sliced, and the seasoning blend used to flavor them. My instinct has always been to quarter baby Yukons for roasting, but this recipe instructs you to halve them. I was skeptical during my first go-round, but I quickly became a convert. Halving the potatoes gives you a bonus amount of fluffy, creamy goodness underneath the crispy exterior — almost like a mini baked potato.

The seasoning blend is also a revelation. Always laser-focused on adding enough salt (potatoes can handle a lot), I neglected to even consider other seasonings. But this recipe has you add Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and black pepper, and I like to throw in a little Cajun seasoning, too. This combination ensures every potato packs a punch, but still tastes neutral enough to sit next to any main. I also like that you don’t need tons of oil — just one tablespoon per pound of potatoes.

And let’s not ignore the ease. There’s no pre-soaking or par-boiling required. Simply pop ‘em in the air fryer while you prep the rest of dinner. Even the midway flip is just a shake of the basket — no tedious turning of individual spuds. 

2 Tips for Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

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Grace Elkus is the Deputy Food Director at Kitchn, where she writes a monthly vegetarian recipe column called Tonight We Veg. She received her culinary arts diploma from The Natural Gourmet Institute.

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