Air New Zealand to offer snacks at end of flight as new Covid-19 protection tool

Snacks will just have to wait until after the flight now for Air New Zealand passengers. (File photo)

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Snacks will just have to wait until after the flight now for Air New Zealand passengers. (File photo)

Those catching Air New Zealand flights will now have to wait until after they’ve landed to enjoy the on-board snack offerings, part of a new protection measures against Covid-19.

Passengers will now be provided their onboard snack when disembarking the aircraft, rather than during the flight.

The temporary change to the airline’s on-board food and beverage service will come into effect on January 1.

Air New Zealand chief customer and sales officer Leanne Geraghty said the health and safety of its customers and crew was paramount.

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“We know customers look forward to their cookie, popcorn or bliss bites so rather than pause food and beverage service, we have made the decision to offer our popular snacks to our customers to enjoy when they arrive at their destination.”

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Don’t worry – cookies and lollies are staying, but there will be different choices too.

The change was partly in response to the arrival of the Omicron variant within New Zealand and expectations it will likely spread further.

Masks would continue to be mandatory for all customers onboard and must be worn throughout the duration of the flight, Geraghty said.

“Masks are one of the key ways to limit transmission, so making this change will enable our customers’ masks to be kept on throughout the flight and ensure they are as safe as possible while onboard an Air New Zealand aircraft.”

This new food and beverage policy would be reviewed on a regular basis, she said.

Water will still be available upon request.

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