All Blacks coach Ian Foster vows to fight on: ‘I’m strong, I’m resilient’

All Blacks coach Ian Foster says he’s accountable for what happens with the team.


All Blacks coach Ian Foster says he’s accountable for what happens with the team.

Under fire All Blacks coach Ian Foster admitted he considered standing down after the disappointing series loss to Ireland, but has decided he wants to stay on.

Foster fronted the media at an Auckland Airport on Friday, speaking for the first time since the post match press conference in Wellington on Saturday night.

During an initial address, Foster stated he was ‘strong’ and ‘resilient’ and doesn’t want to walk away.

“As a head coach, there have been a lot of questions the past couple of weeks,” Foster said.

“Let me tell you who I am, I’m strong, I’m resilient, I think I’ve proven that.

“I believe I’ve got a great feel and relationship with my players. I’m strategic and I’m also accountable and I take that on board.

“I promise you, I understand that and I’m really excited about the chance to show you what this team is made of, working alongside the players we’ve selected in this squad.”

Confirming that he did consider his future as All Blacks coach, Foster said feeling the heat is part and parcel of the role.

“There’s no about that I’m under pressure,” he said.

“But can I just say, I’m always under pressure? I’ve always felt that pressure and external people will try to intensify that pressure but it doesn’t change the fact that as an All Blacks coach you live in that world all the time.

“Does it hurt? Yes it does. The key thing for me is making sure everything I do is about insuring we have robust processes and make sure we have got the right people sitting in the right seats.”

Foster confirmed there would be changes inside the All Blacks, but wouldn’t go into any details of what they would be.

But he did address the messy situation which occurred in Wellington on Sunday, when his press conference was cancelled at short notice.

Foster insisted that the cancellation wasn’t something he did, stating he understood the responsibilities that go along with being an All Blacks coach, which includes speaking to the public through the media.

“I understand the frustration (about the cancelled press conference),” he said.

“All I want to say on that regard is that I as a head coach would never ever not communicate with my fanbase when it’s expected I communicate with them.

“I know my responsibility is to talk to the fanbase and if I knew I was supposed to to that, I would do that all the time.”

More to come.

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