All the Gen-Z Fashion Clues to Look For in ‘Bodies, Bodies, Bodies’


“You don’t have to be nervous,” says Sophie (Amandla Stenberg), attempting to reassure her apprehensive new girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) in an opening scene of the A24 slasher-thriller comedy “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.” The two are driving to Sophie’s best friend David (Pete Davidson)’s upstate New York mega-manse (technically his one-percenter parents’ estate) for a grown-up sleepover amidst an impending hurricane. Feels ominous, right? 

If you look closely, Sophie’s mismatched Brandy Melville earring, dangling at the right of the screen, is a tiny silver skeleton. “It’s a fun little Easter Egg — like ‘bodies, bodies, bodies!'” says costume designer Katina Danabassis.

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