Apex Legends squad wipe trick gives free loot to aggressive players

Published: 2022-11-24T22:56:55

Updated: 2022-11-24T22:56:55

Crafty Apex Legends players have discovered that an enemy Lifeline ultimate can be an opportunity for some free loot if you can score a squad wipe fast enough.

Most everyone who has played Apex Legends will be familiar with Lifeline’s ultimate ability, Care Package, which conveniently drops down some extra items for the Combat Medic’s squad, saving them some time from looting or just providing some utility in a pinch.

The biggest downside to the ability is that it’s immediately clear the package is heading, so any observant enemies in the area could play that to their advantage and go on the hunt quickly after spotting one.

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While that’s a common enough strategy, there’s also a semi-secret reward for those who can take out the Lifeline and her friends before they’re able to open their supply drop.

Apex Legends players are hunting down Lifeline for free loot

All it takes is for the opposition to track down a Lifeline package and wipe the squad who called it in for the package to be free to open.

The Care Package always brings down three items and the rarity of the loot improves the later into a match that it is called down.

This trick takes some serious speed to pull off but if done correctly it can provide a major boon to a needy team and could make a big difference depending on what the group scores for their efforts.

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In this funny clip from the Apex Legends subreddit, you can see a team pull it off beautifully and get rewarded with three Mobile Respawn Beacons – one for each member of the unfortunate trio that they sent back to the menu.

Of course, this isn’t the kind of strategy that’s going to be useful in every game or anything, but it’s always nice to know your options, especially if things are looking sketchy heading into an endgame situation.

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